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1.  Isolation and Diagnosis the Phenolic Compounds in Pomegranate Peel and Their Use in Inhibition of Intestinal Pathogenic Bacteria Isolated from Humans Intestines and Stomach
2.  Diagnosis of the problems which facing the researchers during studying in vitro lead toxicity
3.  The impact of electrolytes in pathogenesis of simple febrile convulsions
4.  Histopathological effect of Energy Drinks (Red Bull) on brain, liver, kidney and heart in rabbits
5.  The Role of Autonomic neuropathy in predicting ovarian hyper stimulation syndrome
6.  A Five-year study of re-laparotomies, planned, and unplanned in Al -Hillah Teaching General Hospital
7.  New animal model of induced acute hepatic injury by acetaminophen and vitamin D3 protective effect
8.  The impact of Osteoporosis in patients with Ankylosing Spondylitis and its relationship to physical activity
9.  A Comparison Between the Effect of Shisha and Cigarette smoking on Serum Lipid Profile of Males in Nasiriya City
10.  Effect of Midazolam on Bupivacaine Action in Intrathecal Anesthesia
11.  Immune profile in aborted Iraqi women with toxoplasmosis
12.  Essential Oils of Rosemary as Antimicrobial Agent Against Three Types of Bacteria
13.  Prevalence and possible attributes of decreased visual acuity among primary school children in Kufa city, Al-Najaf Governorate
14.  Antibiotic susceptibility of bacteria isolated from patients with diabetes mellitus and recurrent urinary tract infections in Babylon province, Iraq
15.  Assessment of the clinical features associated with Pre- menstrual tension syndrome among Kirkuk-Technical Institute students with possible preventive strategies
16.  Comparison between antitumor activity of live attenuated Measles Virus and cisplatin on ki-67 expression of colon cancer cell line (SW 480) in vitro
17.  Transvaginal Cervical Length and Amniotic Fluid Index: can it predict delivery latency following preterm premature rupture of membrane?
18.  LigaSure Hemorrhoidectomy versus Excisional Diathermy Hemorrhoid-ectomy for All Symptomatic Hemorrhoids
19.  A prospective study to assess the relative frequencies of different urological dysfunctions in patients with multiple sclerosis
20.  Early complications of diagnostic and therapeutic ureteroscopy
1.  Making use of high index of suspicion in diagnosing intraabdominal abscess
1.  Modified Sistrunk operation of thyro-glossal cyst-fistula
2.  Uterine arterial embolization for treatment of uterine leiomyoma: initial experience with one year follow up